About us

Malpelo Island is located 490 kilometers west of the Port of Buenaventura, in the Pacific Ocean. The emerged part is made up of the main island and 11 islets. Malpelo Island is the only oceanic island that Colombia has in the Pacific Ocean and it has a very important connection with the other islands of the Eastern Tropical Pacific region. It should be noted that in 2004, the countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador signed the San José Agreement, creating the Marine Corridor of Conservation of the Eastern Tropical Pacific (CMAR), where each of the countries, committed to protect their protected areas: Galapagos of Ecuador, Colombia with the PNN Gorgona and the SFF Malpelo, the Island of Coiba of Panama and the Island of the Coco in Costa Rica, and to work for the conservation of this region.


The Biodiversity Conservation Colombia Foundation was created in 2016 by Jacob Stanley Griffiths and Erika Patricia Lopez as an initiative to support projects aimed at conserving the biodiversity of fauna and flora of Malpelo . Although the foundation is independent in its legal registration , it works  as an extension  of the Biodiversity Conservation Trust-Australia sponsored by Jacobs family, originary from the island of Mauritius, in which they also  manage a variety of conservation projects in various parts of the world including the Island of Madagascar. Since 2016, we have been working non stop with multiples entries to the area of Malpelo and gaining experience  and developing a sustainable strategy to maintain the presence of our project in the area .Today, we have a complete and  renew platform with experienced crew in the area of the sanctuary and we have achieve excellent results during all this years. (Updates in the Blog 

Jacob Stanley - Co-Founder of BBC.    Erika Lopez Co-Founder & CEO of BBC



The main objective of the entity is to promote the conservation of the ecosystem and species in the Malpelo-Colombia area and other areas with conservation interest, as well as environmental preservation through improvement projects and research initiatives.

We  will  establish strategic alliances with other NGOs and with Colombian state entities and thus achieve a better impact and reach in conservation projects. Currently, the foundation is working under one of these alliances with National Parks of Colombia  in the area  of the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Malpelo joining efforts also with other NGOs that work in the area.


Through experience in the current Protect Malpelo-Silky project, the aim is to improve operating systems, adapt new cutting-edge technological resources and maximize the use of clean energy, in order to create a sustainable model for vessels that serve as a work platform for park rangers and / or officials who operate in different marine conservation sites of difficult access.